1. Why a Staged Home Sells Better Than an Empty Home

    If you’re looking to sell your Washington home, you have all kinds of options, depending on your circumstances. Some homeowners live in their home until the very day it sells, while others have a temporary residence or abode while their home is properly prepared and maintained for presentation. In any case, this leaves you with a few options -- do you present your home the way it is, opt for hom…Read More

  2. Don’t Believe These 5 Myths About Home Staging

    With pretty much any home-related service, there are all kinds of myths and falsehoods that are commonly propagated among the public. Some of these are insidious — deceptions that are fabricated by companies to unjustly wring money out of homeowners. Other myths are mostly benign, being born from simple ignorance. But regardless of their nature, there are plenty of myths to go around, and this i…Read More

  3. How To Make Your House Look Livable To Potential Home Buyers

    Home staging in Redmond is about more than placing furniture and dusting fan blades; it’s an art and a science. The mission is to influence potential homebuyers to see their future lives in the home while also delivering a functional representation of each space within the home. In this article, IntExt Staging will be sharing how to make your house look livable to potential home buyers. What Mak…Read More

  4. How To Hide The Ugly Stuff In Your House

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  5. 7 Curb Appeal Tips That Sell Your Home Fast

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  6. 6 Surprising Mistakes Realtors Make With Home Staging

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  7. How To Sell Your Home Fast And On A Budget

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  8. Sell Your House Fast With These 5 Tips

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  9. Interior Home Staging Secrets Only The Experts Know

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  10. 7 Home Staging Mistakes Sellers Ought To Avoid

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