When you’re staging your home, there are so many factors to consider. Every little thing can make a subtle difference to those who are looking to buy, and sometimes even minor details can be dealbreakers. While we tend to put a lot of focus on staging the interior of the home, that doesn’t mean much if prospective buyers don’t even make it through the door.

Indeed, making your home beautiful on the outside is one of the best ways to stir some initial interest in your home. If your entryway is wholly unappealing, you’ll find it much harder to find potential buyers.

One of the most important aspects of the exterior is your door. Here are some reasons why the color of your front door can make a difference. If you want help picking a perfect color scheme for your home, be sure to contact IntExt Staging today!

Why The Color Of Your Front Door Matters

  • It Creates a Focal Point: A nicely-colored door can invite the eye right to its presence, which can feel inviting. When paired with complementary colors, it creates a pleasant effect that can appeal to the subconscious. One major aspect of visual design is guiding the eyes to a point of focus — for your home’s front exterior, the door is where you want people to be looking.
  • It Evokes a Sense of Design Awareness: When you pair two colors together, they either contrast or complement each other. If you choose a door color that works nicely with the color of your home, it will create a color combination that’s pleasing to the eye. This can lead people to assume that you have a good eye for design, putting more trust in you as the seller.
  • It Communicates That You Care: It’s easy to believe that a home’s color doesn’t matter, but that would be incorrect — the color of your entryway can help to make it look clean, or if poorly done, can cause a sloppy aesthetic. If a home looks sloppy, shoddy, or unkempt, it can send a signal to buyers that the homeowners weren’t very good stewards of the house. Keeping it clean and presentable is a sign that you care, and that the rest of the home is well-kept.
  • It Makes People Feel Welcome: Certain doors feel more welcoming than others. But what is the point of having an entryway in a home you’re going to sell if it’s not designed for that very purpose? Your door is the first step to the inside of your home, and people feel repelled by an unwelcoming combination of colors, your home will be that much harder to sell.

Choosing the Best Front Door Color

With all that being said, it leaves an important question — what’s the best front door color? There isn’t a firm answer. For every home in the Redmond area that we serve (and the surrounding regions), the answer will be different.

The right color for your door will depend on your home’s architecture, its exterior paint color, door design, and more. But, as with most home staging concepts, there are a feel general guidelines you can follow!