When people talk about home staging, they’re usually talking about everything that is done inside. There are, after all, countless things to do, and ultimately, the interior is usually what sells a home since that’s where people will be spending most of their time.

But it’s important to remember that exterior staging can also have a profound impact on your home’s sell-ability. If your exterior is beautiful, clean, and tailored to look as appealing as possible, it will help people to get through the door, and then they’ll be able to see how great it looks inside.

Outdoor home staging can actually be pretty easy! Here are some things we do at IntExt Staging to the Washington homes that we work on for our clients:

  • Pressure Washing: This is an important step and it’s not too difficult, provided you have the right equipment. You’d be amazed to see at how much cleaner a surface can look after a good pressure washing, and you may just find that your home’s siding, decking, concrete paths, and more were way dirtier than you had thought.
  • Remove Yard Clutter: We tend to accumulate all kinds of junk in our yards, but that’s a no-no when you’re trying to sell your home! Remember that home staging is done to show people the maximum potential of what their home can be. They want to see what the home would look like in ideal conditions — and the ideal image of a home usually doesn’t have water hoses or kids tricycles lying around.
  • Yardwork: You don’t need to landscape your entire yard or plant big trees, but doing a little bit a yardwork will go a long way. You’ll want to ensure your grass is trimmed, even, and free of any weeds. If you have flowers or other plants, arrange them in a way that’s appealing to the eye, and make sure that everything has been trimmed appropriately. Nobody loves doing yardwork, but lucky for you, this is something we can help with if you call IntExt Staging!
  • Add Porch and Deck Flair: Going back to the idea that home staging shows off the true potential of a house, it’s nice to have aesthetically pleasing items on your porch and/or deck which show them off as good spots to kick back and relax. When people see nice potted plants, good lighting, and tasteful deck furniture that matches the look of the home, you can bet that it’ll click with them much more than it would if there was nothing there.

Exterior Home Staging in Bellevue, Redmond, and Kirkland

Staging a home is always easier when you have the help of professionals. When you call IntExt Home Staging, we will not only save you a ton of fatigue by doing the work for you, we’ll also do it according to tried-and-true home staging standards which have proved their effectiveness time and time again.

Do you want to have a beautiful home which will sell at a higher market value, without having to do extensive research? Home staging services are exactly what you need. Ready to get started? Contact IntExt Staging today if you’re planning on selling your home in Bellevue, Redmond, or Kirkland.