When home sellers think of home staging, they balk at the idea of having someone redesign their home. In most cases, they see the expense of a professional home stager as a negative. At IntExt, we see home staging services for your Bellevue home as an investment. When you’re looking to sell your home for top dollar in an already competitive market, you need any advantage you can get. That’s why the professionals at IntExt Staging in Bellevue want to welcome you to our blog and share with you the types of topics we will be discussing in this space.

Home Staging Services

If you want to sell your home fast and for above market price, you need to invest in home staging. You’re working to provoke the dream of homeownership and sell the vision of living in said home. How can you do that with staging services? IntExt Staging offers the following services to make sure your home goes for top dollar:

  • Staging Consultation
  • Vacant Home Staging
  • Partial Home Staging
  • Re-Design Staging
  • Project Management
  • Home Makeover Services

Remember, every home is different, including yours. That means that the home staging services IntExt provides will fit the project at hand. This is why a staging consultation is so important before hiring us.

Home Makeover Services

What if your home needs interior or exterior makeover services to be placed on the market? At IntExt Staging, we’re licensed contractors in the greater Seattle area, which means your kitchen, bathroom, outdoor living space, or front yard remodel project can be completed by us. We understand the headache of trying to upgrade your home before selling it, so we provide a wide variety of comprehensive remodeling and renovation services.

Home Interior Makeover

As modern staging and design specialists, IntExt Staging can complete remodeling projects from basic cosmetic aesthetics to complete structural makeovers. Whatever is needed to get you top dollar for your home, you can trust our expertise and experience. We offer the following services and more:

  • House cleaning
  • Furniture
  • Artwork
  • Decor and accessory rental

Home Exterior Makeover

A perfect first impression to buyers is just as important as the kitchen or bathroom inside your home. When a potential buyer approaches your home, they need to be able to see themselves coming home. That’s why IntExt Staging in Bellevue provides painting, patching, pressure washing, roofing, gutter, lawn, landscaping services and more to enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Home Interior/Exterior Design

When it comes to your home selling for top dollar, we take home design, interior and exterior, seriously. Our mission is to create a vision that potential buyers will adopt when viewing your home. It starts with home design. Decor, accents, colors, style, and more all play an important role in transforming a house into a home for a potential buyer.

Sell Your Bellevue Home For More!

Sell your home fast and for more with IntExt Staging in Bellevue. We do all the work so you gain a return on your investment. From home staging, interior makeovers, and exterior remodels, we do it all for you. Our proven staging techniques are market-tested and -proven to get more for Bellevue homes. One call does it call. Contact IntExt Staging today for a FREE consultation!