It is widely accepted that home staging is a great way to improve the chances of selling properties for more. However, there is a common misconception that home staging is optional. This is wrong. High-quality home staging is not optional if you want to get what you know what your listings are worth out of your sales. The simple reason for this is competition. If you do not have properly staged homes, you will not have the same “wow” factor that homes that are properly staged will have. You will lose those high-quality sales, and you will not make the grade.

The fact is that home staging is not optional if you want to present a listing that really stands out in today’s extremely competitive real estate markets.

But why? Let’s look at the numbers.


Staged Homes Sell for More

According to industry studies, 40% of buyers surveyed said that high-quality home staging swayed their decision to buy. As professionals, we know most buyers are imagining themselves living in a home when they walk through it. They want to be able to realistically imagine how they will use each space. Eighty-three percent of buyers said that home staging made it easier for them to imagine how they would use each space in the home.

According to these same surveys, the most important room for staging is the living room, at 47%. After this, the master bedroom came in at 42%, and 35% of respondents said the kitchen was the room where staging had the most effect.

Similar reports also show that 25% of buyers claim that professional staging raised the effective resale value of their homes by as much as 5%. In many cases, that’s enough to completely recoup the cost of marketing.


Call Your Home Stager First

The key to getting the most out of home staging is to understand what home staging is meant to achieve. Think of a supermarket. The interiors of these establishments are designed to draw the shopper around the store in a controlled fashion, encourage them to work from the outside to the inside and be exposed to as many sales opportunities as possible.

The idea behind home staging is similar. It isn’t just to give buyers the impression that the home is in good condition, clean, and nice looking. Those things are important. But home staging is also an important way to draw potential buyer’s attention to the real selling points of the property.

We want them to see the most valuable aspects of the home, like a particularly well-placed and high-quality window with an amazing view, a beautiful master bedroom with access to an outdoor recreation area, a pool, recreation room, a tricked-out kitchen, or what have you. In other words, the idea is to build value in the mind of the buyer by displaying the value of key assets of the home.


Free Home Staging Consultation

Professional home staging makes investing in your properties by adding valuable additions and add-ons so much more worth your while. We stage homes in order that the seller gets a full return on the investments they made, plus some.

We make a profit by helping you make a profit. That’s what high-quality home staging is all about. That’s also why we can afford to offer free consultations to all of our first-time customers.

When the job is done, you just might be so impressed- you might even consider moving in yourself!