As a real estate broker, you know your business through and through. You know what it takes to sell a home- many homes in fact. That’s why the best sales agents want to work with you. However, we are in the middle of a trend switch when it comes to selling- and it looks like this one is here to stay: it’s Home Staging.

As you know, staging a home is much more than cleaning a building up for resale. Staging is about helping potential buyers imagine living in the home by creating the “stage” for them to imagine themselves in. You know home staging works. But what you might not know is that home staging is no longer optional. If you want to remain competitive in your market- you need to be staging more homes- if not all of them. Here, we’ll lay out a few reasons you should be hiring home stagers.


The Statistics Speak For Themselves

Home staging has been around for several years now. The good news is that we have existence proof that it works. The great news is that many sellers and brokerages have yet to realize that home staging is a sure way to seize the competitive edge over companies that aren’t doing it. That means you still have time to seize the advantage.

Market studies show that organizations that stage the homes they sell get a minimum of 5% increase on the resale value of the home. Staged homes not just sell for more, but they also sell 16 to 23% faster than homes that are not staged.

You can’t argue with the numbers. Staging homes gives you better resale rates- reliably above the cost of staging- and they sell faster. That means more sales and better sales. Do we really need to go on?


Let The House Do the Talking

In every sale, half of the work is done in the buyer’s imagination. They need to imagine themselves living in the home. For this, only a few visualization aides are needed. That’s what home staging is all about. With a few pieces of well-placed furniture, the home stager tells a story of life in the home. The “stage” is set, and the buyer cannot help but begin the mental journey as soon as they step into a properly set up home.

Leading the buyer into an empty room is leaving the storytelling up to them. As a sales professional, you know that’s a mistake.


Empty Rooms Don’t Tell a Story

Buyers are used to walking into empty homes when they shop for a new house. That’s part of the reason home staging works so well. It captures the imagination of the buyer with a story of habitation that they expect to have to do themselves. An empty room does not speak. It is silent, dormant, and cold.

By working with a professional home stager, you take control of that unspoken narrative.


Business Leaders Know Outsourcing Works

As a business owner, you know your core processes require your close attention. In today’s data-rich business world- outsourcing and its advantages are clearer than ever. By working with home staging professionals, you can focus on what you do best- knowing that your homes will be set up according to best practices, ready to be viewed by eager buyers.

By turning to the staging pros, you forgo the cost and labor that goes into staging without paying extra for the actual work. The time you save in buying and setting up your listings makes the service that much more valuable. It’s a situation where modern efficiency ensures that everyone wins.

What’s more, you maintain operational control. Because the job is yours, you’re not working with some artist who expects to have creative license. You delegate how you want the job done, and our stagers fill the order. Best of all, you can let your agents do what they do best- sell. They won’t have to worry about staging the home and can focus on grooming the customer for the sale. Plus, you get the risk management and flexibility that comes with modern outsourcing standards.


At the end of the day, you simply cannot afford not to work with professional home staging experts… because if you don’t- your competition will.