Do you want to sell your Redmond home fast and for top dollar? Are you involving your realtor in the home staging process? Don’t make the mistakes shared in this post. You invested years into your home, and you deserve to get top dollar for it. In this post, IntExt Staging shares why these mistakes are so important to avoid when working with your realtor to sell your home.

Six Home Staging Mistakes To Avoid

You trust your realtor. They are the experts in the Redmond area on home selling. It’s expected that you take every single piece of their advice. In fact, your realtor is simply another opinion on the matter. Yes, they have years of experience in selling homes, but in this post, you will find the mistakes they may make in helping you stage your Redmond home. Here are the mistakes:

Mistake #1 – Do Not Take Pre-Staging Photos

Home staging is for potential buyers to experience after they’ve seen the photos of the home online. Not taking photos pre-staging is like not being able to look at a pair of shoes before you try them on. The pre-staging photos show the space and the light. The home staging experience helps build the vision for the home buyer. They bring the final piece of imagining their lives in the furnished home. You want to lead your potential buyers toward purchasing and pre-staging photos is a part of that process.

Mistake #2 – Avoid Removing Outdated Light Fixtures

Your home is staged. Furniture and decor fill each and every room, presenting a brilliant vision of the future for your potential home buyers. But you’re missing one thing. The light fixtures. Your entire home can be modern, but if you have a golden light fixture from the eighties, you’re interrupting the vision. Remove old light fixtures and replace them with something new.

Mistake #3 – Do Not Use Accent Walls

You may have heard this one before, but a room swimming in one color is overwhelming. Some may call this modern, but it can hurt the eyes. Also, it’s boring. Find a wall you can accent and either paint it or add some wall decor that adds to the experience in the space.

Mistake #4 – Not Using Virtual Staging Photos

Once you get photos of your home pre-staged, add photos of the home staged, too. It will help home buyers imagine their life in the space better than if they had to envision the furniture on their own. Granted, you want them to come see the home and experience the space firsthand, but you can get a similar effect if you add staged photos in the online listings.

Mistake #5 – Using Too Many Bold Statement Accent Pieces

Imagine a couch with five bold pillows on it? It’s not much of a statement if all of the pillows vye for attention. Instead, utilize one or two pillows out of the five to grab the attention of the potential home buyer. Take this practice to the rest of your decor and accent pieces in every single room. You want to make a statement with each collection, but you only want one or two pieces to do the talking.

Mistake #6 – Ignoring Potential Home Buyers

Do you know the type of audience that will be purchasing your home? Have you considered staging your home to capture that audience’s attention? One of the biggest mistakes a realtor can make is to stage your home for the wrong potential home buyer. Not sure who is interested in buying a home in your neighborhood? Go talk to the neighbors. They are your target audience.

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