You want to sell your home fast and for top dollar, but you have a limited amount of time to make the most of the staging process. As a home staging expert serving Redmond, IntExt Staging wants to share the eight interior design secrets no other home stager will share. We’re in the business of getting home sellers top dollar for their homes, and we want you to succeed whether you hire us or not. In fact, give us a call if you have any questions about the home staging process, and we’ll do our best to help. Continue reading to learn the eight secrets to interior home staging.

Eight Interior Home Staging Secrets

If you didn’t already know this, the details do matter. From how the clothes in the closet are hung to the shape of the dining room table in relation to the shape of the room, it all matters. Here are the eight interior home staging secrets the experts won’t share with you:

Secret #1 – Utilize Large Pieces Of Art

Many homeowners want to use smaller pieces and scatter them around the home. This is an inexpensive way to decorate the home, but it leaves home buyers feeling scattered and disparate. You want them to feel warm, welcome, and full. A large-scale art piece achieves this for you.

Secret #2 – Go Dark With Color Choices

It’s a common belief that to brighten a room you need to choose bright colors. In fact, your white walls are bright enough to contrast dark furniture. This difference will make the room feel brighter without adding more bright colors.

Secret #3 – Remove Purposeless Rugs

It’s best to define a purpose for each item in your home, the rug included. A rug that’s haphazardly strewn out in a hallway or existing in the living room is not effective. In fact, rugs are best used tables and other furniture as an accent piece, not a focal piece.

Secret #4 – Go With Neutral Sofas

Colored sofas tend to go out of fashion faster than an in-demand home gets purchased off the Redmon market. Instead, opt for neutral colors that you can build colored accent pieces around. This will give you the freedom to change the feel of the room without being stuck due to a red couch or a green chair.

Secret #5 – Determine A Focal Point For Each Room

When you walk into each room of your home, what do you focus on first? Is it the coffee table? Is it the painting above the sofa on the south wall? You need to determine the focal point of each room, basing it on highlighting a specific feature of the room, and design the room around that. For example, a living space with high ceilings needs to highlight the fact that it’s spacious and vast. Utilizing accents and decor that reflect natural light will inspire people to look around more.

Secret #6 – Set The Ambiance With Lighting

Dark shades of yellow lighting suck the joy out of any room its in. That’s why, if you decide to use yellow lighting, that you layer it with white lighting. A white overhead light with various yellow-lighted lamps around the room will bring warmth to the areas near the lamps and an openness to the space around them. If you have a room with natural light, you can add a third layer to really give potential home buyers that feeling of spaciousness.

Secret #7 – Use Linens To Draw Attention

Around your bathroom tub or jacuzzi, roll linens and set them in a basket along the edge. This will draw the eye to the tub. Rolled towels are a defining feature of a spa. The feeling of being in a spa after a long day’s work is exactly how you want your home buyers to imagine the bathroom they’re standing in. Simply rolling your towels properly and placing them strategically can create a mood that sells the space.

Secret #8 – Commit To Odd Numbers

Too few items on your coffee table makes it look empty, but too many items makes it look cluttered. So how do you choose the perfect number of decor for your coffee table? Odd numbers always win. Three items or three clusters of items are the best bet to make a space feel properly decorated.

You Home Staging Expert In Redmond

When it comes to selling your home fast, you need a professional home staging expert in your corner. To get top dollar, you need to understand intimately what home buyers in Redmond are looking for in homes. IntExt Staging has been in the Remond home market, helping homeowners like you sell their homes for top dollar, for years. We understand what buyers want, and we can stage your home to get you the most for your home. One call does it call!