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Our proven proprietary marking system is the reason that we can sell you house for up to hundreds of thousands of dollars more.  Our goal is to add massive value, and we do that by using our expertise and experience to spend the right amount to give you the highest return.  But don't take our word for it; here are just some of our clients' success stories:

4511 134th Place - Bellevue

This home was originally purchased by the homeowner in 1983 and when I was first contacted in 2016 to advise the owner on selling the property the home was in mostly original condition.  At that time and in its current condition the home was worth approximately $825,000.  This home was perfect for a makeover that would allow the owner to capture maximum value and profit on resale.  We coordinated with a local contractor who provided a bid for a complete renovation for the property.  All new kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, paint, landscaping, and much more was done.  The total renovation cost was $160,000.  With renovations completed we fully staged the home with modern furniture and listed the home for $1,250,000 thinking that we would get offers up to $1,300,000.  The market responded very well when the home was put on the market and in the first weekend we received over 12 offers from buyers.  After review of all offers the homeowners sold the home to an all cash buyer for $1,500,000.

With our expert knowledge and advice this homeowner added over $650,000 to the resale value of their property and realized additional gross profit over $500,000 more than what they would have received had they sold the home in its original pre makeover condition.

10020 NE 21st St. - Bellevue

I became involved in advising the builder of this gorgeous Bellevue custom construction from the beginning. I worked extensively with the builder to help them select design finishes including paint colors, tile used, lighting, flooring, cabinetry, landscape design and more.  We then had the home professionally staged and implemented our proprietary marketing system to sell the home. 

In less than 30 days we had multiple offers and sold the home for $2,900,000.

9306 72nd St - Mercer Island

The owner of this home was looking to sell but only if they could be assured of a certain minimum sale price.  Overall the home was in good condition but we did recommend to the homeowner that certain cosmetic improvements and repairs be done in order to assure them that they would be able to achieve their desired sale price. 

We started by ordering a pre-inspection report that would allow us to discover and repair any problems before putting the house on the market. We also recommended to the homeowner that the countertops in the kitchen be replaced, update the stairway ceiling fan, update light switches, paint one bedroom, and reseal the driveway.  By making these repairs and updates the seller stood to gain an additional $60,000 in sale price while the total cost for all repairs and improvements was only $9100, which was paid for by the seller at the closing of the sale, meaning no out of pocket expenses were incurred by them. We then staged the home and put our proprietary marketing plan to work. 

Within 7 days we had an offer $30,000 over list price which more than met the seller’s minimum sale price. And since we were aware of and corrected any issues that likely would have been brought up during a buyers inspection we had a smooth and trouble free closing.

6109 120th Pl. NE - Kirkland

This home was listed for sale by another agent on 8/01/2017 for $789,800.  After 25 days on the market it still had no offers from buyers in a very hot real estate market.  

In late October 2017 I was contacted by the owner of the property who wanted to sell.  After looking at the property it was decided that what it needed was some “curb appeal” to truly appeal to buyers.  For around $2500 we arranged to have the entire home exterior pressure washed, the interior cleaned, and some landscape cleanup.  We then staged the interior for the homeowner and put our marketing plan in place to get this home sold. 

On Nov. 16th 2017 we listed the home for sale (Note this is only 1 week before Thanksgiving) for $798,800 with the expectation we would receive multiple offers.  Five days and eight offers later we negotiated with a buyer a final sale price of $850,000.  More than $50,000 over our initial list price.

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Whether you need to paint a few rooms, replace the carpeting, spruce up the landscaping or add a new bathroom or redo the kitchen from top to bottom, IntExt Staging can help you with it all. 

Staged homes sell faster and for more money than homes that are not staged - and we proudly offer comprehensive interior and exterior staging and home makeover services.

We can transform your property and maximize the return on your investment, but don't take our word for it. Read our success stories and testimonials from our customers here.

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