1. Sell Homes for More, & Sell Faster With Home Staging

    Imagine walking into a well-lit house. The furniture is arranged in a way that maximizes both space and function. You picture yourself sitting by the bay window in the morning, reading the news while drinking a hot cup of coffee before going to work. Then you picture entertaining friends, who sits where, how the kitchen bar extends into the space in an ideal way to serve a small gathering. Now, im…Read More

  2. Why Home Staging is More Important than Ever in 2019

    It is widely accepted that home staging is a great way to improve the chances of selling properties for more. However, there is a common misconception that home staging is optional. This is wrong. High-quality home staging is not optional if you want to get what you know what your listings are worth out of your sales. The simple reason for this is competition. If you do not have properly staged ho…Read More

  3. Buyer Expectations in Home Staging

    Home staging will give you a measurable advantage over the competition. By reducing the amount of time you are on the market and raising sales prices- we can demonstrate a marketable advantage- that is, an advantage that you can actively market and sell. Because real estate is like a race to attract the largest amount of potential buyers, you can think of home staging as analogous to the spoiler o…Read More

  4. Why Real Estate Brokers Need to Work With Home Staging Pros to Remain Competitive

    As a real estate broker, you know your business through and through. You know what it takes to sell a home- many homes in fact. That’s why the best sales agents want to work with you. However, we are in the middle of a trend switch when it comes to selling- and it looks like this one is here to stay: it’s Home Staging. As you know, staging a home is much more than cleaning a building up for re…Read More